Welcome to my website and thanks for visiting.  Here is a little bit about me.  I grew up in Fort Collins, CO and have been here all but two years of my life.  I carry on a rich family legacy of real estate entrepreneurs in northern Colorado and it all started with a little lumber company in old town Fort Collins called Everitt Lumber which started in the early 1950's.  My great grandfather sent my grandfather to start Everitt Lumber when he was in his mid twenties and it quickly expanded through a lot of hard work, a bit of luck as he would say and genuine, honest relationships which eventually turned into a thriving commercial real estate development business known today in our community as Everitt Companies. Having learned from the family as a licensed residential broker at The Group, Inc real estate, I knew I had a passion for the people in our community and a deep drive to help others live their dreams of home ownership and also helping my clients build wealth through real estate investments.  I serve the entire Northern Colorado community ranging from first time home buyers to multi million dollar estate properties.  I am honored to join you on your journey of home ownership and I am very happy you have visited my site today.  Please let my 40 years in the Northern Colorado community and 17 years in the real estate industry help you accomplish your dreams and goals through real estate investment and home ownership. 

My Best,

Lane Everitt



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